You Will Get More Than You Can Handle


“God won’t give you more than you can handle.”  

That quote has been inspiring people for, well, I have no idea how long. It’s what we tell a sister or a friend when they are going through a difficult situation.

When they feel like they won’t make it any farther and we don’t know what else to do to comfort them we quickly say, “God won’t give you more than you can handle. Just remember that. You can make it. You can get through it.” I believed it and said it to several friends and my sisters when I was desperate to comfort them. But I look back now and realize I was lying.

If I have ever said that to you, I apologize so very much.

Because the truth is, you WILL be handed more than you can handle.

Life will be more than you can take. Conflict will arise and hurt will come from it that you won’t be able to heal from on your own. Unexpected tragedy could take place at any moment that you will be able to do nothing about. The everyday task of simply getting out of bed will become more than you can force yourself to do some days.


You won’t be able to handle it.


“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” –John 15:5 (emphasis mine)

Nothing. There is nothing that I can do outside of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I am weak and incapable. I know this to be true because of verses like John 15:5 in the Bible that tell me my human self is incapable of anything aside from the one Who created me.

If the famous phrase, “God won’t give you more than you could handle” were true, it would imply that we were able to do something without God. We would be able to handle that difficult situation. We would be able to handle the stress, the depression, the rejection, the hurting, etc. because we are strong enough. I don’t know about you, but I know I am not strong enough. God has shown me that I cannot. I believe that to be true with my whole heart; and because of the sacrifice He has made on my behalf I know that He is strong enough. Because of that I know that I need to lean on Him – my Solid Rock. If I were able to “handle it” I wouldn’t be such a terrible sinner in complete desperation for a Savior. I’d be able to save myself, because I can handle it. But as I have already said, that isn’t the case.

I believe with all of my heart that the reason God allows such tragedies and struggles into our lives is so that there is no other option but to bring our burdens back to Him. God wants to help us. He wants to save us and heal us from our grief. But if we think we can handle it, He’ll let us attempt it.

There is no possible way to, though.

I have got to fall down on my knees in surrender at the foot of the cross and LET GO of whatever is weighing me down. I have to cry out to the Lord to rescue me because I have learned that I do not possess the strength to do so myself. I am a weak child in need of her Abba Father. The Lord has been teaching me that even my faith in Him requires His own strength and not my own. I have learned that without Jesus Christ I truly am nothing. If I am truly nothing aside from Him, then I know that it is only through Him that I will ever handle anything that I encounter in life.

I find true comfort in surrender, though, because the Lord will be there for me at all times. He will pick me up out of the ashes and dust me off. No, he may not always choose to make my problems instantly vanish, because many times it is through the darkest days that we grow the closest to Jesus, but He will walk beside me the whole way through.

“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;  Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.  But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. ” -James 1:2-4 

I remember when I realized that just because bad things come doesn’t mean God isn’t there with me. These “trying of my faith” times are so important in my life because they draw me closer to God through continuous prayer and studying of the Bible. I have never and will never fear that I am alone because I have the Word of God to tell me that He is always near me.

I need to live a life of joy. Verse 2 says to be joyful even when faced with terrible circumstances. What a testimony it would be if people saw me living a truly joy filled life because of my Savior. Joy doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, or that I will always be happy, it means that I am identifying myself with Jesus even when those bad things do come.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” –Matthew 11:28

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” –Joshua 1:9



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Dear Homeschooling Mama {HEAV link up}

  This Mother’s Day I was honored to do a special blog posts just for the precious mamas in our lives – more specifically homeschooling mamas. They don’t have an easy task, but it is well worth it and I am incredibly grateful to my own mother who invested herself into me during my homeschool years and has continued to do so even after I have graduated. So this one is for you, Homeschooling Mama. I love you and appreciate what you do. Thank you.

“Dear Homeschooling Mom, When you were talking to your friends the other day at a homeschool get-together, I heard you say that there are some days when you feel like you are “ruining” me and my siblings; apparently many of your friends feel the same way. As I sat there listening, all I could think was, “How could that possibly be?” I understand it is hard work to homeschool. I see the stress and struggle it causes you some days. But I just want you to know how much I (and many, many other homeschooled children) appreciate what you do for us daily….”


-Click the link or picture below to read the rest of this post.

Dear Homeschooling Mama – From a Homeschooled Daughter


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Early Morning Disruptions

I like waking up early each morning for several reasons, but the main reason is so I can get my quiet time (Bible reading, etc.) done before the hustle and bustle of the day begins in my rather large and noisy family.

There I am getting everything spread out on the kitchen table and preparing for a great morning in The Word and…… I hear my baby brother start to fuss, letting anyone who is awake know that he is up and ready to get out of bed. “You can’t be serious,” I think. I can feel the frustration rising. I was just getting started!

I get up and I take care of the baby. My mom could use the extra rest anyways. Raising nine children is no small task.

I am reminded of something. Maybe God intended for that morning’s time with Him to be spent through serving my little brother. I am reminded that I need to work on my attitude toward this situation now; because, Lord willing, someday I will have my own little ones who will disrupt my quiet time more often than not for a while. How I respond is important. It’s putting what I have already read and learned from the Bible into action:

Do all things without murmurings and disputings.” –Philippians 2:14

In EVERY THING give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”1 Thessalonians 5:18 (emphasis mine)

It was brought to my attention one night that this whole getting disrupted thing is something that Jesus understands. I mean, He understands absolutely everything that we go through. But it was quite comforting to know that I have the Perfect example on how to deal with disruptions – because Jesus experienced numerous disruptions during His ministry here on earth. He was constantly being disrupted. As He walked down the street with crowds of people following Him, someone would stop Him many times and ask for healing – like the blind man while Jesus was on the road to Jericho (Luke 18:35-43). Because He was always so patient when these disruptions came, beautiful things happened. The blind man could see because of Jesus’ healing power! This is just one example of many. What would happen if I chose to look at disruptions with patience and kindness? How much better would that be? It is wonderful to have Jesus as an example so that I can be encouraged in how to handle these situations that most of the time are viewed negatively. But what happens when one is washed in the blood of Christ and made new is their whole look on life needs to be Christ-like. So something that would normally be viewed as a set back, Jesus viewed as an opportunity to minister and share the light and love of His Father. That is exactly how I need to view disruptions.

Act with calm.

Act with patience.

Act with love.

Act like Christ would act.

I’m constantly reminding myself that I need to choose to look at this in a few different ways: as a training opportunity for myself in preparation for one day becoming a mother, and as a chance to let beautiful things happen through me because of the love of Christ that I hope and pray shines through me. I want to learn this lesson well so that when my own little ones wake up before I’m ready, much more often than the few times that my little siblings have done recently, I will be prepared to handle it gracefully and properly.

Not with frustration and anger. That only shows someone how much they are putting you out. But people are important. This is a hard lesson to learn. One that I think will take me a long time to learn, but it is one that is WORTH the time and effort it takes to view people and the disruptions that come with them as a positive thing – I would even dare to call it a blessing!

What disruptions are there in your life that you may need to work on seeing as being sent from God? Baby brothers waking up “too” early? Sisters needing help with school work? I hope we can learn together to view these as blessings in disguise… and even ministry opportunities, by putting aside something we hold valuable so that we might serve others.



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Get Excited about 2015 HEAV Convention! Giveaway Winner!

I’ve been so happy to share with you all the exciting things there are to look forward to during Convention weekend this past week! All of my blog posts have been leading up to today’s post announcing the WINNER for the 2015 HEAV Homeschool Convention Family Pass!!

Now, there have been many entries and I have greatly enjoyed reading comments and seeing the response from this giveaway! Over 300 entries I had! But only one family can take this wonderful prize “home” today. I have been praying that the right family would be blessed by this giveaway and I feel sure that is what happened! So please help my in congratulating our winner…


HEAV Certificate_thumb[2]



Congratulations! I hope that this giveaway will be a blessing to you, and even more so this upcoming convention will be an extraordinary blessing to you and your family. May it be filled not only with encouragement for your homeschooling journey, but I pray it lifts you up spiritually and rejuvenates your passion for home education and your little ones. It is the most important work you will ever do.

God Bless you! And enjoy the 2015 HEAV Homeschool Convention!

I want to thank you all for entering this giveaway! It is wonderful to see so many people get excited about home education. I hope to see you all in June! Look for me. :)

Get Excited about 2015 HEAV Convention! Volunteering

The HEAV Homeschool Convention is such a large event and requires all hands on deck. With so much that the convention has to offer, one could stand in the midst of it and think, “Wow! How do they pull it all off?” Well, with a lot of prayer and determination! …and many, many volunteers. HEAV needs over 600 volunteers each year to help them run this three day weekend packed full of encouragement and resources to help equip, encourage, and prepare Virginia’s homeschool families for their journey.


I am excited that I get the opportunity this year to help HEAV by volunteering at the convention with some of my family! I hope that, if you plan on attending this year’s convention, you would also consider volunteering and helping HEAV make this weekend a blessing to so many!


You might wonder what goes in to volunteering. What to expect? With so many things that take place at the convention, you are sure to find something that is right up your alley; from stacking books in the Used Curriculum Sale, to being a counselor who answers homeschooling questions, there is something that you can do to bless and help during the weekend.


I had the privilege of asking some questions to a few ladies who have volunteered at the convention in previous years and am honored to not only share their responses with you all, but also learn myself as this will be my first time volunteering. Here are some of their answers!


I interviewed people who volunteered from only one year to many, many years! Hearing their answers was so wonderful and has made me so excited to be a first-time volunteer this year!


Why did you start volunteering?

 “I had considered it even before graduating, but after that just felt like the right time. HEAV is such a great organization, and I wanted to help them help people with something I’m passionate about!” –Caroline


Is there something exciting and different about volunteering each year, or is it relatively the same and you know what to expect?

“It’s always different! Every year you meet and talk to a new group of people. I’ve volunteered in a difference section for each of the past four years, so that has also added some extra variety!” –Caroline


What is your favorite part about volunteering?

“Getting to know the kids and hanging out with my friends.” –Alex

“I think I’d have to say that my favorite part is getting to support HEAV, and home educating in general! I’ve gone to the convention for probably ten years now, at least, and now that I’m older I like to help out where I can, and do my part to help things run more smoothly!” -Caroline


Do you have a favorite memory? An encouraging moment from your time volunteering?

“We have lots of memories through the years.  As we first began, our kids rode in our red wagon.  Now that they are older, they help pull the wagon.  It is usually full of books to sell on opening day of the UCS & full of purchases made by the time we leave.” –Diane


Do you like to volunteer with friends and family or do you like to take this opportunity to make new friends?

“I had a great time volunteering with my friends and family and also met a new one whom I’ve kept in touch with.” –Alex


Would you encourage others to volunteer at the HEAV convention if they had the opportunity to? Why?

“I encourage other families to think about doing it too.  We all need to think about what we are teaching our kids in the area of service & to do it with cheerful, happy hearts.  I think of Colossians 3: 23 & Ephesians 6:7 , that we are ‘serving the LORD.’” –Diane

 “Yes, absolutely! I think it is a great way to encourage and support families who homeschool, or are considering homeschooling! A lot of people are needed to make a conference of this size run smoothly!” –Caroline


(Trying new things is always a good way to also learn new things) Is there anything you have learned during your time as a volunteer?

“I definitely learned about feeling a sense of self accomplishment at the end of a long day. The entire experience, while it might be exhausting, was lots of fun. I’m gald that I was able to volunteer and that I get to do so again this year.” –Alex




“I was so surprised to find out a couple of years ago that there were faithful prayer warriors who were praying during the convention!  One year I was a hostess at a booth & was so excited to hear them open the exhibit hall in prayer!  Folks, we are so blessed to have an opportunity like this & the freedom to come together for the sake of our children & the future generation.  

 As parents it is our responsibility to teach our children about the LORD.  Deuteronomy 6 is a passage for us to implement as we serve Him by helping others teach their children.  To GOD be the glory!” –Diane



I have been so blessed by reading the replies I have gotten from these volunteers and they make me so excited for my chance to volunteer at the convention! I hope that if you plan on going this year, you will consider volunteering two (or more!) hours to help out with this huge event!

Have you volunteered before? Share in the comments some of your favorite memoires, blessings, and experiences as an HEAV Convention volunteer! I would absolutely love to hear from you!






Don’t forget about my giveaway this week!!! One family will be blessed with a full family pass to this year’s HEAV Homeschool convention in Richmond, VA! Enter now for your chance to win! I will announce the winner Monday morning.
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Get Excited about 2015 HEAV Convention! Ken Ham

If you love science, you need to follow Ken Ham.


Ken Ham is set to be the key note speaker at this year’s HEAV Homeschool Convention. My family has been reading his books, watching his videos, and dreaming of going to the Creation Museum for, well, a long time. We look forward to listening to him speak in person this June! Ken Ham is one of the biggest names in Creation science today and has written countless books to help people understand more clearly the wonderful truth of God’s creation that is written out in Genesis. He is the founder and president of the Answers In Genesis ministry.


Fun tid-bit: His hallmark saying, “billions of dead things, buried in rock layer, laid down by water all over the earth” is one of our family’s favorite tongue twisters!  Try saying THAT five times fast!



While we are gearing up for this June, I wanted to share with you some resources that my family has enjoyed over the years! Think of this as whetting your appetite for what’s to come!


The Lie: Evolution

Genesis and the Decay of Nations

If you want to view the entire store and browse it all, just go here, and have fun!
All of these are books we have had on our shelves for a long time. My parents often tell me of how Ken Ham’s ministry has richly blessed them, and I look forward to learning and reading even more from him as we get excited about June!
One last thing! If have never heard Ken Ham speak and want to get a feel for what’s to come, watch this video series called, “Answers with Ken Ham” and get ready to be blessed and to learn!
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What are some of your favorite Ken Ham/AiG resources? Please share with us in the comments and help us get even more excited for June!
Don’t forget about my giveaway this week!!! One family will be blessed with a full family pass to this year’s HEAV Homeschool convention in Richmond, VA! Enter now for your chance to win! I will announce the winner Monday morning.
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2015 HEAV Convention family pass GIVEAWAY!

I am so excited to share with you all my very first giveaway here on my blog, Blessings, Bliss, and Bedlam!!! As many of you know, I write for Home Educator Association of Virginia as a volunteer blogger once a month. Well, HEAV is preparing for the much anticipated Homeschool Convention and I have been asked to host a giveaway to not only spread the word about this wonderful event, but also to bless one family with the opportunity to win a full family pass for this year’s convention weekend, June 11-13, 2015! I am so excited and honored to be able to host this, so without wasting any more time…

Please click on the link below the image to enter to win a family pass to the 2015 HEAV Convention.



Be sure to check out my blog post about the HEAV convention for teens and young adults! Also, stay tuned for more Convention posts as we get closer to June!

 HEAV Homeschool Convention… It’s for Teens and Young Adults, too!