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Homemade French Bread

I love to bake. I have for a long time. And a few months ago I started to have “baking days” every Saturday to make breakfast foods, or sweet treats – and lately I have been making fresh, homemade French bread to go along with Sunday dinner the following day. I searched for a good recipe and got started. I absolutely love the smell of the yeast rising and rolling out the dough and watching it rise.

Anyways, I found a really yummy recipe that I love to make and my family likes to eat. So I wanted to share my find with you all today.




Here are the ingredients:

French Bread

1 1/2 T instant yeast

1/2 C very warm water

1 1/2 T sugar

2 C water

1 1/2 T oil

2 1/4 t salt

6 C flour


The yeast and sugar will be set in the 1/2 C of warm water for ten minutes. While you’re waiting for that to rise, get your oil, water, and salt poured into your bowl or mixer. When the yeast is ready, pour it into the mixer with oil, water, and salt along with 3 of the 6 C of flour. Mix together. Gradually add one cup at a time of the remaining 3 C of flour.

Knead for 5 minutes.

Set out on floured surface and let dough rise for one hour. During that one hour, knead the dough every ten minutes. So, if you start your hour at 1:30, knead at 1:40, 1:50, etc. and will knead for the last time at 2:20 before your hour is complete at 2:30. (Does that make sense?)


Divide dough into four equal parts. Roll out each chuck with rolling pin and roll up into small loaves of bread. To give it that simple but pretty look, slice three diagonal lines through each of the loaves and brush the top of each loaf with an whipped egg white.

Let loaves rise for 30 minutes.

Bake in oven for 10 minutes on 425* F, then 20 minutes on 375* F.


When it’s all done enjoy the wonderful delight of warm, fresh baked French bread.


*The original recipe was found here and there’s a tasty looking spread to go atop the bread if you so desire!

Homemade Disinfectant Wipes



I recently made these wipes with my mom and really like them! My mom sells essential oils so she likes to experiment with different ways to use them. We made a bunch to keep in the kitchen and each of our bathrooms for different cleaning purposes. P.S. they are safe to use on glass, just use a dry rag to dry the surface off after cleaning them with the wipes.

Anyways, on to the recipe…




You will need:

1 quart mason jars

1 cup water

1 cup white vinegar

15 drops grapefruit seed extract

15 drops Bergamot essential oil


You can also use lemon essential oil but we were out that day, so couldn’t use any.

Like I mentioned earlier, my mom sells Young Living Essential Oils. You can visit her website to order some! I absolutely LOVE them and recommend them to everyone!

Back to the wipes…

We had extra large wipes, so we could only fit five in one jar. But whatever size rages you have, fill up your mason jar and pour the mixture in on top of them. We made six jars of wipes, one for the kitchen, one for each of our three bathrooms, and two extras.

They work nicely and smell all squeaky clean-like!

I hope you try and enjoy the all-natural cleaning wipes!

A Season of Thankfulness (Days 2-4) Plus DIY Cornucopia


Today I have the next three days of my eleven days of thankfulness leading up to Thanksgiving. And I also have a fun November activity I recently did with my siblings: cornucopias made from ice cream cones!


First, here is day two:

I am thankful for my Daddy. He is a true hero in my life. Ever since I was little we have always been close. He is THE biggest sports fan, and taught me everything I know about all things sports. We have always used that as our bond from when I was little. He would take me to Seattle Mariners games when we lived in Washington, I would tag along when he had church softball practices, and watch baseball and basketball games all the time with him. But he is SO much more than just a sports fan. He is a true gentleman. I am thankful for the little things he does for me personally and the family. I am thankful for the opportunity to watch him while growing up on how a husband should treat his wife. He holds doors open for everyone, helps my mom out of the car everywhere they go, waits for her to get her food when they are at restaurants to pray over their food – together. And those are just a few of the gentleman-like things he will do. I am thankful that he is such a good leader of his famiy. Sure, no family is perfect. But he does a pretty darn good job because he loves the Lord. I am thankful that he honestly tries to understand what the Lord’s will is for the family. I am thankful that he loves us and is so proud of all of his children, and I try very hard to deserve it. I am thankful that he is MY daddy.

And yes, I am an adult and still call my dad “daddy”.


And day three:

I am thankful for my Momma. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much about her I am thankful for – but I’ll try. She is, hands down, the most incredible woman in the world. I have been so blessed to learn from her through walks and talks, but also through the opportunities to just watch her daily. She gives so much for me and my family. She has encouraged me in my wa…lk with the Lord and in growing into a godly woman. I am thankful that the Lord blessed her with a way with words. She knows exactly what to say to me when I need it. I am so thankful that she is not only my momma, but my dearest friend. I am thankful that she has given me so many of her own passions. A love for life, which is why I volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. A love of learning and reading. Because she decided to keep her many children at home and teach them herself in a loving, caring environment, I have, from an early age, known that I want to follow in her footsteps and homeschool my own children someday.
Growing up, she has taught me that the greatest role/blessing God has given woman is to make a house a home and to love and nurture all who come into it. And for that, I am thankful. She has such faith and strength, and I am blessed to have her as my role model for what a godly wife and mother should look like.



DIY Thanksgiving Cornucopia-

DIY Cornucopia

These cornucopias make adorable “harvest time” or Thanksgiving gifts. They’re great crafts for the kids and you can stuff they with pretty much anything you like – just as long as it’s small enough to fit in them! So have fun with it!

Here is what you will need to make your cornucopias:


Ice cream cones

Cup of warm water

A pencil


Plastic wrap



Here’s how to make them:

Soak the end of your cone in the warm water for 1 minute. Next, microwave it for 30 seconds. Then, use the pencil to curl the end of the cone to give it that cornucopia look and hold if for about 20 seconds.

Fill it with M&M’s and cover and tie with plastic wrap and ribbon!



And last, but not least: Day four:

I am thankful for my Aunt Becky. She has lived with me and my family almost as long as I’ve been around. I grew up with her as part of the (living in the same home) family, and I am so thankful for that fact. She is such a hard worker and is so dedicated to me and the rest of my siblings along with my parents. I am thankful that she doesn’t *just* live with us, either…. She puts in a lot of effort, just like the rest of the family, to make this house a home. She helps with chores, shopping, and is an incredible cook. She makes a mean pot of chili! I am thankful that she has always been there for us. I am thankful that she truly loves us, and probably spoils us a little more than she should – but again, I am thankful

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider


This drink is absolutely perfect to sip on in autumn evenings! And it smells so delicious while it’s in the crock pot.

Here it is! *keep in mind that my family is pretty big, so I make a lot.*


2 cans of frozen apple juice concentrate (which makes 1 gallon of apple juice)

6-8 cinnamon sticks

Can of caramel sauce (I use Smucker’s. Their can is 12.25oz and I use half of it for a batch)

Make the apple juice and pour it into your crock pot with the cinnamon sticks for 4 hours on high. You could also make it in the morning and keep it on low, that way your house can smell wonderful all day! I did that recently and loved it!

Before you serve it take out the cinnamon sticks and stir in the caramel sauce. I use half a can of Smucker’s. After a while of sitting, the caramel will start to settle, just give it a quick stir and it will be fine.

To make it even more fun you can also top it off with a scoop of whipped cream!

Also, a quick tip: You can reuse cinnamon stick about 5-6 times. Just rinse them off, let them dry, and grate off the top layer to make them good as new!

This makes the perfect autumn or winter get-together drink, or just something to sip on at home to keep cozy and warm! My family loves it!

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I really enjoy making things homemade, so when I found a good dishwasher detergent recipe I liked, I decided to go ahead and try making some myself. It was super easy!


Here is the recipe:

1 box Borax

1 box Washing soda

3 cups Epsom salt

25 packets of Lemonade

I tweaked the recipe a little bit. I figured making all of that would be too much, so I cut it in half. This is what I did:

1/2 box Borax

1/2 box Washing soda

1 1/2 cups Epsom salt

5 packets of Lemonade (I used the Kool-Aid packets)

After it was all mixed up, I put it in a storage container I bought at Wal-Mart. (The “one scoop” is a Tablespoon.)


*Note: In the picture it looks like the container is only half full, but it’s not.

I was actually kind of surprised at how easy it was, and pretty cheap too. The Borax and washing soda will last me two batches, the Epsom salt will last several, so the only thing I have to buy each time is Lemonade packets. And I bought five packets for about a dollar, so that’s nice! So far, so good with using the detergent and I’m pretty sure it will last us a while – I use a one tablespoon scoop for each load. I’ve noticed it does get a little clumpy because of the lemonade, but it hasn’t affected anything.

If you have tried it, or are going to, tell me what you think! I hope it saves you a little money and works well for you, too!