A Time and a Season


I remember “graduation season” vividly and I often refer to it at my entrance into adulthood (even though I wasn’t officially an adult until three months after graduation when I turned eighteen). That season was a HUGE growing experience in my life mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually. I had to learn how to face the world’s daunting questions; and to be honest, they almost seem to be used to intimidate “new comers” (high school graduates). All that was expected of me from the world’s standpoint was to do well in school and participate in extracurricular activities… until now, when suddenly I needed to know exactly what I wanted to do with rest of my life. People expect you to have a game plan written out and to do everything possible to reach the end result, whatever that may entail.

Let me just be honest with you… I believed that lie for a time. I believed I had to have everything figured out by sophomore/junior year in high school and dedicate my entire life to reach personal success. I had a plan. I was working on achieving it.

Then something happened.

God woke me up.

I wish I had known this years ago – and I mean really known this, because there are some people who will say this, but that doesn’t mean it actually sinks in and you fully grasp the concept – but you don’t have to have everything figured out. In fact, I believe you can’t have everything figured out. For one simple reason. You are not omniscient (all-knowing). None of us are. I don’t know what my future holds, so I have to trust the One Who does. God has also revealed a very important truth to me recently, our lives go through seasons of what we are supposed to do. You might be thinking, “Umm, I already knew that. Tell me something I don’t know.” But you have to understand that I sincerely believe that God calls us to (sometimes very) different things at different seasons in life.

Up through half of my senior year in high school I wanted so badly to go off to college. But God had a different plan for me (as I’ve talked about so many times before) and for the first two years after graduation I stayed at home. I worked around the house, volunteered for a couple of different ministries, and taught beginner piano to bring in a little money. I know that God was teaching me how to fully trust in Him (which, for the record, I’m still learning to do faithfully) and His plan for my life. That was an important season in my life that I am incredibly grateful that I had.

He doesn’t reveal the whole thing to us. He gives us one chapter at a time – in fact, many times He doesn’t even give us that much. It’s more like one page at a time. These are our seasons. He is using this to build faith and trust in Him.

It’s amazing how different one season can look from another, too. That season of “staying home” has come to a close for me; I’ve been working part time for over a year now and as of last month am building up to working full-time (collectively between a few different part-time jobs) and am working towards building my own business. And you know what? I am loving this season (just like the one before this) for one reason: I believe this is where God has me in this season and I am working hard toward goals that the Lord is leading me to pursue during this amazing time in my life. I have found joy in these different times; not that they were always “fun” or that I was always filled with happiness, but I am learning that there’s purpose in it and through it all I pray that I glorify God.

I want so badly for you to know that if you don’t have a plan for five years into the future, just be faithful with what God has given you to do this month. Very rarely does life go as you planned. Trust God and work hard on what you have to do RIGHT NOW. Let Him lay the pieces as He sees fit. Also know that this whole trusting thing is going to be a daily choice.

Let me say that again, trusting God is a daily choice.

It is not a one-time thing. When you’re nervous because the summer is halfway through already and you aren’t sure what you’re going to do in the fall, trust God. When the people around you are pressuring you into making decisions that you’ve already handed over to God, trust Him. He will never fail you.

Always, always, always remember that the sole purpose of our existence here on earth as believers in Christ is to bring glory to God. That’s it. That’s all. If He chooses to make you do that through waiting, do it. You’re going to look odd to most people, even some Christians. But learning that you don’t have to have it all planned out can actually be very freeing if you let it and if you surrender completely to the Lord.

I would also like to add that if you DO have big aspirations and you feel like you know where the Lord is leading you, hold those plans with unclenched, totally outstretched arms to God. Because the minute you hold on to those plans too tightly, you’ve put those desires over God in your heart. Trust me, I’ve done it more times than I’d be comfortable admitting publically. I’ve tried taking the control from God by planning out my goals and being so bullheaded about them that I felt like I spun out of control. God allows us to get that way and become desperate so that we realize we need to repent and turn back to Him. Chances are you’ve experienced this in the past, or you may even be going through it right now. Always remember that God will pick you back up, help you to dust off, and gently continue to mold you into Christ’s image. Learn from it!

This is something that I will never be perfect at, but I am trying to remember that with every area of my life I need to say, “Thy will be done.” Because through learning that God will call me to focus on different things in different seasons has really opened my eyes to how I can trust Him more fully. By trusting in Him I am glorifying Him.



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