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Joyfully Living



I want to write about going through life joyfully and not complaining.

That hit me the other day when I read a story about someone going through their daily duties, day by day, without complaining. Ouch! How often do I complain about not wanting to do something I know needs to be done – even if it’s just “playfully” complaining?

I have an amazing opportunity every single day to rejoice in the Lord and praise His name through everything I do.

 How I act around my siblings, my attitude towards my work (babysitting and piano lessons), and even in the around-the-house chores on my to-do list each day are all opportunities I have in ultimately rejoicing in the Lord. When thinking about how impactful that is to other people around me, watching me either daily or just once in a while, makes me want to take hold of every chance at being happy and helpful. What a testimony that would be! Being joyful through every small thing, as well as the big ones, is not a typical attitude you will find nowadays. So when someone sees that in me hopefully they will think, “Wow there’s something different about her,” and ultimately see the Lord through me.

When I was writing this out I thought I really should add some ways of helping us to remember to live joyfully:

1.       Reciting verses of praise and thanksgiving.

Psalms is packed with chapters upon chapters of joy, praise, and thanks. Memorizing them and reciting them throughout the day is a wonderful reminder of living joyfully. If you’re not sure where to start, some suggestions are:

Psalm 34:2

Psalm 71:23

Psalm 149:6

Psalm 103:1-2

Psalm 111:1

2.       Hang verses up around the house.

Print or hand-write your favorite verses of encouragement and hang them around your home, especially in areas where you spend a lot of time. The bathroom mirror for when you’re getting ready for the day or the kitchen wall where you’ll see it as you prepare a meal are two great spots to start at.

3.       Listen and sing along to hymns of praise.

Fun fact for the day: singing is a stress-reliever.   So, listening and singing along to songs praising our Maker could be the ticket to helping you get – and keep – your joyful spirit. Some of my favorites are:

It Is Well with My Soul

Trust in the Lord

The Solid Rock

Amazing Grace

When you are rejoicing in the Lord through anything that you do, especially the unpleasant tasks, you are shining God’s love and mercy to the world. You are sharing the joy you can have through Jesus – because, really, everyone will think there is something seriously different about a person who is joyfully doing the laundry.