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It’s Time to Praise God!

I recently went through a bunch of older documents on my laptop and came across something I want to share with you all. It’s short, but I hope something you all can enjoy.




I love my God. And today is one of those days that I just want to write about my Maker. I get a lot of my inspiration for writing when reading a quote or a verse from the Bible. The other day, I was reading Ecclesiastes 3:1 where is says, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun:” Many times, when going through a difficult circumstance, God will show me a verses from His Word to reaffirm me of His sovereignty, and this time was no different. I immediately became overwhelmingly glad that so many, many years ago the Creator of the universe knew that we weak, lowly human beings would need guidance and comfort and therefore directed men to put together God-breathed words into a book for us to read. I have experienced great comfort (as well as convictions) from the book that the Great I Am orchestrated in order for me to understand (some of) His ways, and learn from other people’s triumphs and failures. I am so thankful that there is an Almighty King loving me, protecting me, and guiding me through life’s mountains and valleys. The fact that He has written my story with more purpose than I could ever think up is so rewarding. The fact that Jesus is my personal Savior, and thought of MY name when crucified on the cross at Calvary is so humbling. And there is no better thought than that of God wanting a relationship with me, and wants me to accept Him into my heart that someday I might live with Him for eternity.


 I believe that a God like that is worthy of praise!

5 Tips For Quality Bible Time


Our quiet time with the Lord is the most beneficial part of our day. Knowing how to spend that quality time One-on-one with our Maker is important. Below are five steps I have done that I want to share with you. I hope that it will give you encouragement and ideas.

1. Establish a time of day and stick with it. This is the easiest and the hardest step. Setting a time is easy, but sticking to it is a different story. I am well aware of this fact and guilty of not sticking to it as well as I should. I know everyone has their days when they don’t stick with their particular time, but asking God to help us keep that time sacred will most likely make a huge difference.
I find that first thing in the morning is the best – and my favorite – time for doing my quiet time. Kick-start my day off with the Word of Life! It can possibly make the difference between a good day or a bad one.

2. READ your Bible. Pretty obvious, right? I love doing Bible studies, but I find that for my own personal quiet time with the Lord using just my Bible is my favorite way to go. But it will be different for everyone. There are so many different devotionals and studies that you can find online or at your local Christian bookstore.

3. Scripture memory. Psalm 119:11 says, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” That is exactly what we should do. Hide God’s Word in our hearts. Memorize it. Find a way that works best for you. For some, reciting it over is the best way to learn.  Others may learn best by writing it down. Start small. One verse at a time. Then, as you’re feeling more confident, starting memorizing larger portions. Some suggested passages:

-Psalm 23
-Galatians 5:22-26 (Fruit of the Spirit)
-Ephesians 6:10-18 (Armour of God)
-1 Corinthians 13

4. Prayer. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS PRAY! Most of the time, I do my prayer after my Bible reading and memory, asking that God would help me to apply anything I might have learned to my daily life, along with any number of other things I might have to pray about. This is your time of direct communication with your Savior, so I truly believe it is one of the most important parts of quiet time with God.

5. Journaling. I usually journal in the morning and at night. This is one of the easiest ways for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings to God. It’s almost like a second prayer time, I suppose. Writing things out is a way for me to try to make sense of certain situations. I like to think it’s a way God helps me get a sense of direction in times that I need it.
I encourage you to keep a journal, especially if you are a lover of words, like me. It has proven to be a very beneficial part of my quiet time.

What do you do to spend quality quiet time with your heavenly Father? I would love to hear from you!