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Practicing Hospitality as a Young {unmarried} Woman


My mother has always made hospitality a priority. It was something near and dear to her heart; especially for fellow homeschooling mamas and military wives (she herself is a Navy wife of coming up on nineteen years). So growing up I saw the importance of practicing this biblical command because of my mama’s influence and example.

“Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”1 Peter 4:9

One of the very many things I am looking forward to when I get married is to have a house to make a home and invite people into. But how can I practice hospitality even now as an unmarried woman in my parent’s home? While it seems an unlikely task and even unnecessary for us unmarried ladies, it is something we can do!

Why? Because one of the most over-looked ways to minister to those around us is simply inviting a friend, fellow church member, or neighbor into your home for dinner, coffee, tea, or lunch. It’s so simple, yet so many don’t open up their home because of various different reasons (I would like to point out that I am not trying to point fingers, but to encourage people to look past!) like their house being too messy, or thinking that what they have to offer isn’t good or fancy enough. When really, it’s the fellowship that matters the most, not impressing people with how organized you can keep your plastics cabinet. This is something my mom has talked to me about now, that way in the future when I have my own home I will be equipped with the right mindset. Do I think it is a horrible thing not to practice this? Or course not! But just like so many other things, it’s a good idea to practice and learn the things you will (probably) do as a wife and mother. This includes practicing hospitality.




I though it would be neat to write out some suggestions of things stay-at-home daughters can do to show hospitality. Now, I’m being mindful that we as daughters don’t have unlimited access to schedules of our family and free reign of the house. The whole family lives here, so you will have to work with the family. But this is possible!

I have come up with some ways we as stay-at-home daughters can practice hospitality:


Host a Bible study in your home: What better way to practice hospitality than to invite a group of girls into your home and dig into the Word of God?

Host a book club: Alright, so this one has the same concept to it as the first one. I have personally done a girls book club in my home and it was so much fun! You can read about it here: My Book Club Journey

Have a luncheon: Invite a few friends to your home for a small luncheon. This idea will take some coordination with your family’s schedule. But definitely ask your sisters and mother if they would be willing to help you with brainstorming, cooking/baking, cleaning and setting things out. This could be such a fun “event” you and the other ladies in your family could host!

Have a friend over for a simple cup of coffee: Now, if you have a lot of younger siblings who have school work to do, this might not be something you are able to do (or maybe you could? Every family’s schedule is different!). However, I know that there are a lot of young ladies out there who don’t have siblings and therefore would be able to do this.




There are a few different things that young, unmarried ladies could do to practice hospitality. With whatever you do, though, remember two things:

1, Always make sure to respect your parent’s schedule, because it is their home first and foremost.

2, The point of hospitality (inviting people into your home) is to fellowship and investing into the lives of the people who walk through your front door. Yes, it’s nice to be impressive, even I like to try to impress, but that is not the main point. The main point is to refresh and encourage your guest and make them feel at home when they sit at your dining room table or on your living room couch.


What are some ideas you have come up with to practice hospitality as an unmarried woman at home? I would love to hear from you!


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