Mama’s Mondays

I have asked my wonderful Mom to write on my blog one Monday per month and she agreed to do so! I am so very blessed and delighted to share her thoughts and wisdom with all of you on this blog! Each time she writes, the post will show up on the home page of Blessings, Bliss, and Bedlam and I will share a link below on this page to keep her writing collected in one place for all to easily get to and read. I hope you enjoy the wonderful knowledge that my Mother will be sharing with us each month! She truly is a blessing to me and all who know her.


Mama Monday khaki_ball

Melanie Drennen is a Navy wife to her high school sweetheart and homeschool mom of nine. She enjoys reading, knitting, snuggling babies, sleeping, and dreaming about spare time. On sleepless nights, she updates her Facebook page, which you can follow here:



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