My Summer Reading List – HEAV Convention finds!

I am a fan of lists. I am also a fan of reading. So, naturally, I am a huge fan of reading lists! While I was attending Home Educators Association of Virginia’s homeschool convention this month I bought a few (or several…) books that I wanted to make up as my summer reading list for this year! Chances are, I might add books, or edit this list throughout the summer, but for now this is what I have and am so excited to dig into ALL of them!

The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book by Sue Becker   I’m not going to lie, I dove right into this on the road trip back home from the convention. I was so excited to read it, especially after sitting in on one of the workshops that the author, Sue Becker, hosted that very weekend. I had already become very intrigued by pretty much all things nutrition and whole foods; after this workshop I was inspired to purchase this book and read it. It has two parts to it, the first part is informative and the second is a cook book. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying this book and will be recommending it in the future for anyone who is interested about the benefits of whole wheat and grain.

Meet the Skeptic by Bill Foster   This is one that I found when roaming through the exhibit hall. I love learning how to effectively defend a biblical worldview, and from reading the back cover, this looked like a good, relatively quick-read on just that. Plus, when I was looking at this book, the lady who was working that booth said that she loved the book! A good recommendation is definitely a good way to get a customer, and it worked on me.

Already Gone by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer   Ken Ham wrote it, so I already know it is going to be interesting! I had heard of this book before, so when I saw it in the Used Curriculum Sale I snatched it up. This book is all about youth and young adults leaving the church and why. Since I fall in this age group, I want to have a little bit of an understanding on this important topic.

The Myth of the A.D.D. Child by Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.   Okay, so you might think this is a very random book to pick up. It might be, but I have been finding things like this intriguing lately. Since it was only $1 in the Used Curriculum Sale I said, “hey, why not?” I’ll give it a try and probably learn something along the way!

Francois Fenelon: A Biography by Peter Gorday   This is two things I love: history and Christianity. One of my favorite things to do when growing up was reading biographies. I try to do so even now, because there is so much to learn from the lives of those who have lived before me. This was my third find in the Used Curriculum Sale and I am excited to dig into it!

World Religions and Cults: Counterfeits of Christianity by Bodie Hodge & Rodger Patterson   This book caught my eye as I was roaming the exhibit hall and was actually at the same booth as another book I bought ‘Meet the Skeptic’. After reading the description it immediately captivated me and looks to be along the same lines as ‘Meet the Skeptic’ as far as understanding where other people are coming from and how to witness to them where they’re at. Recently I’ve developed a newfound interest in learning about how people think and facing it with a biblical perspective. Since almost everything a person believes in stems from their religious beliefs, I want to understand a little bit better about that. I am super excited about this book, to say the least – plus it’s the first book in a three part series! So I may be purchasing those in the near future!


If anyone is interested in any of the books I have mentioned here, I would love to let you know what I thought of the book once I’ve finished it. Have you personally read any of these books? What are your thoughts? Also, if you attended HEAV’s convention this month, what books/material did you purchase that you’re super excited about diving into? Let me know! I would love to hear from you!





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