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A Week In Skirts {a modest fashion link up}



A little over a week ago I was asked to take part in a link up hosted by Libby, a fellow stay-at-home daughter. This link up is called “A Week in Skirts,” where she has invited a group of young ladies to take pictures of {skirt} outfits for one week for some fun inspiration on how to wear skirts and dresses. Well, I love to dress up, so I agreed! Here is my week…


I started on Monday, May 5th


Outfit #1: Almost ALL of my skirts are knee length, just like this one which I bought at Old Navy. I really love flowers, so I have a lot of floral patterns on my clothing. I also have a lot of purples (which you will see in the outfits to come!) The top I bought at Plato’s Closet, a consignment store, for just a few dollars! Now, the sleeves on this shirt are kind of on the short side, and my personal preference is to avoid sleeveless most of the time, so I paired it with a purple sweater that someone gave me in a hand-me-down bag. My shoes are actually a recent addition to my (rather large) collection. I really love old-fashioned, vintage style so these shoes were a fun grab at a local thrift store ($5)! My hair wasn’t exactly the freshest that day, so I pulled it back and put on a blue headband! Quick, easy fix for in a pinch.


Tuesday, May 6th


Outfit #2: This was a fun one for me! I actually made the skirt I am wearing here. It’s very simple, but for a beginner like myself it was very exciting! The top I’m wearing here is another hand-me-down from a friend. I get a lot of those, and am so thankful for it! I almost always find something I really like and use often. The back, however, was a tad see-through so I paired it with my denim jacket that I bought at Old Navy. TIP: denim jackets are NOT cheap, but I bought this one for SEVEN dollars brand new! Always be on the look out for sales! And if you are a military dependent make sure to ask for a military discount! They have one at Old Navy which definitely helped lower the cost of this wonderful jacket I use ALL. THE. TIME! The shoes I am wearing are a pair of turquoise blue sandals I bought at a consignment store. Sorry you cannot see them, that’s what happens when you wear a maxi skirt! For my hair, I have found that when I am having a bad hair day, pulling half of it back into a ponytail really helps… and still looks good.


Wednesday, May 7th


Outfit #3: I love bright spring colors, as you can see in this outfit! The skirt I bought at the thrift store. The shirt I bought at Belk. The cardigan was given to me in a hand-me-down bag. My sister bought the wedges I am wearing at Target. Love them! Hair is flat ironed – which doesn’t happen often! And, I love to accessorize! You cannot see it very well in the picture, but I’m wearing an Eiffel Tower necklace and Eiffel Tower earrings. Want to know something funny? I got them separately at completely different times, but they go together perfectly! I want to travel someday, and Paris is definitely on my list!


Thursday, May 8th


Outfit #4: The skirt I am wearing is actually the same style and brand as the one I wore in day one, just white! I bought it at the thrift store. Wherever you live, find a good thrift store! It will become your best friend! The shirt I bought at Belk on sale (again, always watch for a good sale!) The cardigan I got from a consignment store. The scarf I bought at Old Navy on sale. And the shoes… one of my absolute favorite pairs! Teal blue heels! I got those at Burlington. Funny story, I originally got them for my high school graduation, but during rehearsals when I saw the big stage with lots of stairs, I chickened out and wore sandals. Oh, well!


Friday, May 9th


Outfit #5: One of my favorites of the week! The dress was given to me in a hand-me-down bag. And that is the same purple cardigan I wore on Wednesday. I get a lot of use out if it because I love that shade and purple is one of my favorite colors. The belt I bought at a consignment store. The leggings I bought at Target for 50% off! One of the main reasons I wear the leggings is because the dress doesn’t come down as low as I would like, so they kind of offer a little extra help as far as the modesty factor goes. The boots I also bought at a consignment store and wear them a lot! I love cowgirl boots!


Saturday, May 10th


Outfit #6: I wore this to my mama’s baby shower this past Saturday! I got the dress from the same lady who gave me the one I wore on Friday, as well! I paired it with a white tank top and white footless leggings that I bought at Target. Almost all of Target’s leggings are $5, and they have a good selection of colors. So I really like buying from there. The shoes I am wearing are probably my most worn shoes. White ballet flats I bought from Target. I pulled my hair back into a bun (I didn’t have time to let it dry before having to leave) and “fancy-fied” it up with a flower headband. Like I said, I love flowers and wear them in my hair often.


Sunday, May 11th


Outfit #7: Church outfit! I bought this lovely dress at New York & Co. last year during Easter – which means GREAT sales on dresses! It is sleeveless, so I pair it with a small blue jacket that I bought at JCPenny. The orange belt I bought at Target. Yes, I buy a lot of accessories at Target. They have really cute things and a coupon app called “Cartwheel”. If you like to shop at Target, get this app! It is great! The necklace I bought online on Amazon. Again, I love old-fashioned vintage things, so when I saw this I saved it and eventually bought it for less than $5. The shoes I am wearing are some of my favorites (alright, I think I have said that about all of them. But I really like shoes.)  It’s also one of my mama’s favorite pairs. They were kind of a splurge. I got a gift card to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) and found these Italian handmade FLOWER sandals. If “Italian” and “flower” are two things used to describe a pair of shoes, more than likely I will really like them. So, I bought them! P.S. Remember me mentioning wanting to travel? Well Italy has been at the top of my list for as long as I can remember! So that’s one reason I was so excited about the sandals.


While I definitely don’t dress up this much every single day, when I go out I like to look nice. Usually jeans and a tee are my at-home outfit. Dressing modestly but with style is something that I really enjoy doing. So this link-up was a fun way for me to show some of the things I do, the places I shop, and some things I’ve learned. I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please stop by the blogs of the other young ladies who are taking part in this link up, as well:


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