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Calendar/Planner Dilemma – And My Solution

In honor of Mother’s Day being yesterday, I have asked my own mama to post on my blog on Mondays for “Mama Mondays” on Blessings, Bliss, and Bedlam! She agreed and I am so excited to have her publish the second Monday of each month.

She in a wonderful homeschooling mama of eight, pregnant with her ninth, military wife to an incredible husband and father, and Christ-follower. She has been asked a lot about how she organizes this big ole family, so she decided to “tell all” in her first blog post!

So, without further ado, here it is!



For years I had a dilemma when it came to keeping my family’s calendar organized. Which method to use? A paper planner has nice, quick access, but if they have enough space for a large family like mine, they can get pretty bulky. A computer program can have a well-organized look and entering data is usually pretty easy, but a computer is not great for quick reference. And neither gets used by the rest of the family!


So which method should I use to keep my family organized?


Why not both?


To combine the best of both worlds, I use Outlook and print off a hard copy.


Once a week, I sit down to the computer to enter appointments, activities, etc into Outlook.


Once I finish updating Outlook, I print off the next six weeks of the calendar.


The hard copy of the next six weeks is placed on a clipboard and hung up in a high traffic area. If anyone has an activity or appointment they need to add, they can write it on the hard copy. To ask permission for an outing, the kids will usually write the details on a sticky note and place the note on the appropriate date.



I also have a 17×23 dry erase board hanging next to the clipboard where I write today’s schedule and tomorrow’s schedule each day. We also have a fun countdown going at the top of the dry erase board which is usually for birthdays, holidays, or Dad’s homecoming from deployment.



With about 15 minutes of planning each week, this method keeps our family well organized. With our time anyway…