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Boy’s Toddler Pajama Pants Tutorial

I’m one of those people who look forward to Christmas way before other people are ready to hear a Christmas carol. So I have actually already started making my gifts for this year! I just finished the first half of my little brother’s gift: PJ’s. So I want to share with you all how I did it. So here we go…


I did some reading on how to make PJ’s for little boys, and most of the beginner tutorials didn’t use a specific pattern they just used a pair of pants to “guide” them. So, that’s what I decided to do! The pants I used were 24 months, but when cutting it, I left plenty of wiggle room for 1) sewing, and 2) growing little boy!


I folded the pants in half to get them into the position I needed to cut the fabric (at the fold!) And here is the product:


Fold them inside out and pin down the side that will make your leg for you (on both pieces of fabric!)


And sew them (See how I stopped at the point where their bum is going to go? Make sure you stop there! Or else they won’t able put the pants on!)


Alright, now it’s time to put the two halves together. Pin the edges together all the way around (on both sides) and sew…


Try to end the seam at the bottom on both sides. That way you don’t have to worry about any odd strings hanging out anywhere.


Then you’ll need to make the waist band. Fold the top down just far enough for your elastic to fit snug and easy inside the seam, and sew most of the way around… save a hole big enough to fit the elastic through.


Now we’ll need to put the elastic through the hole we have! A neat trick I learned is to stick a safety pin at the end to help you feed the elastic through the whole thing.


Once it’s all the way through, you need to attach the ends of the elastic. Sew it back and forth several times to make sure it’s good and strong!


When you’re done, Sew up the hole!


Last thing… to hem the bottom fold over just a small portion, pin, and sew.


Showing you the inside and the outside of the finished hemmed legs.


And ta-da! You have your PJ bottoms!!



Alright, so I am by NO means a skilled seamstress. But I am learning and really enjoying the projects I’m undergoing. I also hope everything makes sense! This blog post was a lot of fun to put together, and my first one, so I’m still learning how to put it all together.