A Reflection on Love this Valentine’s Day


For the past few years I have reflected on love around this time because, well, the world has a whole day dedicated to celebrating it. I don’t mean the mushy love that you see in movies – although, when in a relationship, I think it is okay to be mushy now and again – but as a single woman I look at the relationships I do have; mainly, with my Heavenly Father.

 I feel like I say this a lot, but as I grow up I realize just how blessed I am. I mean it. I really do. So many things could have gone terribly wrong in my life, but they didn’t. I have lived a life that most people wish they had, and I did nothing to deserve it. God’s grace astonishes me. It baffles me. I cannot comprehend it. I am so grateful for it, though, and most definitely do NOT deserve it.

God makes it very clear in the Bible that we humans are a sin-filled people who are incapable of attaining passage into heaven. Ever since the Fall of man, every human ever born has been bound by their sin nature. That is still just as true today as it was thousands of years ago. When I was born, I was born a sinner. A sinner in desperate need of a savior. As I have grown up, my sins have piled up. I’m a hopeless cause it seems.

But God looked at me, one of His creations, and had a beautiful plan for me. He loves me. Why He would choose to love me I cannot tell. But I do know that there is not a word strong enough in the English language to express my gratefulness that He loves me. He loves me so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for my sins.

So many times we read that Jesus died for our sins. But it rarely ever sinks in just what that entails. Jesus, who was one with God, humbled Himself enough to become a man. He willingly allowed hate-filled men to wrongly accuse Him, beat him, and kill Him in the most excruciating way possible. While He was on the cross, the sin of the world was placed on Him. Every. single. sin. was put on Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God. That means the sin in your life and the sin in my life was paid for in full by Jesus Christ. If we are able to process that it will baffle us. How can it be that God could possibly love me – who has never done anything right for Him – enough to DIE for MY sins? That is true love. That is love that’s not guided by feelings, but by a choice to put someone before self. Jesus put my eternity as His priority. He wanted me to be in heaven with Him one day, so He made a way for that to happen. The ONLY way that it could happen.  

The love I receive from Jesus Christ is constantly changing me. The more I understand how unworthy I am and how much God STILL loves me, the more I fall in love with Him.   

That is the love I like to focus on around this time of year, and really, all year.  

Because Jesus loves me I have the greatest love in the world.

No girl could ask for more.


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