Why I Joined the Young Living Essential Oil Team


This past week I officially signed up as a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor! I am thrilled to get started not only to sell oils and share with you all the wonderful benefits of essential oils, but also to use (more!) oils myself and learn all that I can about something that I have come to love so much!

My mom started on oils over a year ago and told me about what she was starting and how excited she was to try them out. I had become more interested in all-natural health and wellness for a while by then so I was eager to give them a try as well. We both quickly fell in love with the oils and started finding new ways to use the popular oils like Lavender, Lemon, and, of course Thieves! We also liked trying some different ones, like Citrus Fresh and Dill, which I will be glad to write about in a separate post at another time.

I had been asked by my mom and some of her friends if I would want to sign up and start using my own oils sometime, and I knew I did, I just wasn’t sure when I would start. Well, that was about a year ago. Last month, my mom brought up the fact that I should look into becoming a distributor. I already knew that I loved the essential oils and had done a little reading on them through the past year or so, so I was very excited about that prospect.

So here I am! I am praying my way through this process… even through this blog post! Because while I am VERY excited, I also know that it is going to take work to get this party started. Through all things – even selling oils – I need to follow God’s guidance and pray for His will through this very exciting journey.


 I wanted to go ahead and share with you just a few reasons why I have chosen to become a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor:

I am passionate about living as natural as I can

I do know that there is a time and a place for modern medicine/technology, but for the most part I prefer learning ways to live a chemical-free life. I still have a lot to learn (I will never not have anything to learn) and I thoroughly enjoy incorporating essential oils into every area that I can: health and beauty, cleaning supplies, medicinal uses, and so much more!

 I am confident in Young Living’s genuine 100% pure oils

One thing that I have learned in my short time with Young Living is that the distributors are proud to share about the importance of Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise. They are dedicated to making sure the oils arrive on our doorstep in their purest and most natural form for our benefit and health. I feel I am getting “the best bang for my buck” and getting the most high-quality oils.

 I have seen the benefits in my own life and in others because of essential oils

I don’t think it is fair to believe that essential oils will cure us of some disease or help us lose all the weight we want, etc. We all have different bodies that will react differently to things. However!! I DO believe that essential oils can aid in our health and wellness journey to becoming our healthiest self.

A few examples of this would be…

This cold and flu season (so far) I haven’t caught a bad case – I have had sniffles and a sore throat occasionally, but for the most part I have been steering clear. I have been taking Thieves often, but I also am trying to watch what I eat: low sugar diet and staying away from other unhealthy options like fast food, and I have felt great. I want to have many essential oils in my daily life that compliment the things I do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When I was a young teen I struggled many times with staying properly hydrated. Several years ago I started drinking only water with most meals (except milk with breakfast). Within the past year I have tried to make it a goal to drink between half a gallon to a whole gallon of water a day. Some days are better than others… but it is a goal of mine that I try to maintain. To compliment it, I like to always start my day off with my first bottle of water with Citrus Fresh essential oil blend.


Essential oils are a blessing that I want to learn how to utilize to the best of my ability; and I want to learn and grow in this journey alongside YOU. I will be sharing many essential oil related blog posts on here. I am super excited for this new adventure and I hope that you will enjoy learning with me!








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