Take a Step Back

During “one of those days” (or weeks) when everything seems to go against me, I seem to adopt an “I can never win” attitude. I just want to give up, go to my bedroom with a vat of chocolate, my favorite chick flick, and my yoga pants.


Yeah. That has been me before. It’s the truth. And the truth just ain’t pretty sometimes.


I wish I had a better nugget of wisdom to give everyone who has ever just wanted to stay in a bad attitude until things were handed to them on a silver platter. But the only thing I can say is this: take a step back for a moment.


When I was sitting down to finally get some writing done for my blog the other night, I had blog starters that I was all ready to expand on. But then I opened up my laptop and just started writing this because this is what was on my heart at the moment. I asked myself, what do I need to hear right now? What do I need to tell myself? This is what popped onto the screen: take a step back. Truthfully, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to take time to “step back” because that means I have to admit that my attitude probably wasn’t where it should have been. In fact, more often than not that is exactly the case.

What needs to happen, though, is I need step back and realize what the problem is. A lot of the time it is that I am unwilling to let go of something and let God take it; whether it be a difficult situation, a struggle, or a conflict. Sometimes I am surprised at myself at how hard it is to give it up, step back, and allow God to take over. He can take care of me far better than I can. Now, sometimes God chooses to allow me to continue in whatever struggle or situation I am in for a little while. I often find it happens that way. Because my heart it what God is working on changing. My heart hadn’t been filled with much joy because I hadn’t been intentional about it. Joy is intentional. It must be desired … craved for … asked for through Jesus Christ.


As soon as I make myself sit, breathe, and “step back” so I can examine things (or even just be silent so I can let God move in me) I soon feel something different come over me. Not that things have completely changed, but that I am realizing what it is that I need to focus on and work on. Half the time I get myself “in trouble”, it is because I haven’t taken the time in several days to sit and focus on intimate time with God. It tends to happen during a busy week. Sometimes through a season of constant on-the-go I will read my Bible and say a prayer, but it is more checking it off my mental list instead of something that I deeply desire to do. I must remember to lean on God and be intentional about finding JOY in Jesus Christ. Both through mountaintop experiences and when I am in the valley I need to pursue that Joy found in Jesus Christ alone.


When life becomes a bit more than you want to handle, just remember to step back and ask God to help you renew the joy. It isn’t some magical recipe, but when leaning on the Solid Rock to get through the day, you have an All-Powerful God on your side. Shaking off a bad or stressed attitude isn’t easy, but in order to live fully for Christ it is necessary to actively seek Jesus Christ and His joy.


One thought on “Take a Step Back

  1. Thank you for sharing! It is so easy to become a Martha and get caught up with everyday business rushing around with all their is to do and forget to really and truly “Trust in the Lord with all your (my) heart and lean not on your (my) own understanding. In all your (my) ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your (my) steps”. May we ever be eager to sit at His feet in humility and submission as Mary did. May the God of all mercy mould us to become ever closer to our precious LORD Jesus Christ!!!

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