Summertime Refresh and Refocus {HEAV link up}

June is over and that means we are halfway through 2015. I honestly cannot believe that half of this year has passed. It has been a remarkable one. But along the way, as with any given year, I think most of us find we are in need of a refresher – something to help get our focus back to where it needs to be. This month, on the HEAV blog, I have written a few ways I have found that help me do this. It’s not a 100% guarantee-to-work post, but I hope that it gives you some encouragement to enter the second half of the year feeling rejuvenated and finish this year strong.

“…somewhere along the way, we always seem to fall off the horse. Even if it isn’t our yearly goals, it is the everyday monotony that we may feel trapped in. With summertime just arrived, it brings the halfway mark and seems to allow me a “second wind” that rushes through. It feels like a time to refresh myself emotionally and even spiritually and gives me an opportunity to refocus. I want to share with you now some of the things that help me, as well as share things I want to put into practice this summer.”

Click the link below to continue reading on the HEAV blog:

Summertime Refresh and Refocus




ENJOY your summer! Have a blessed second half of 2015!


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