Dear Homeschooling Mama {HEAV link up}

  This Mother’s Day I was honored to do a special blog posts just for the precious mamas in our lives – more specifically homeschooling mamas. They don’t have an easy task, but it is well worth it and I am incredibly grateful to my own mother who invested herself into me during my homeschool years and has continued to do so even after I have graduated. So this one is for you, Homeschooling Mama. I love you and appreciate what you do. Thank you.

“Dear Homeschooling Mom, When you were talking to your friends the other day at a homeschool get-together, I heard you say that there are some days when you feel like you are “ruining” me and my siblings; apparently many of your friends feel the same way. As I sat there listening, all I could think was, “How could that possibly be?” I understand it is hard work to homeschool. I see the stress and struggle it causes you some days. But I just want you to know how much I (and many, many other homeschooled children) appreciate what you do for us daily….”


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Dear Homeschooling Mama – From a Homeschooled Daughter


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One thought on “Dear Homeschooling Mama {HEAV link up}

  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been thinking about the same thing! I’ve also been wondering if other mothers who aren’t home school mums feel like this too at times.

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