Get Excited about 2015 HEAV Convention! Giveaway Winner!

I’ve been so happy to share with you all the exciting things there are to look forward to during Convention weekend this past week! All of my blog posts have been leading up to today’s post announcing the WINNER for the 2015 HEAV Homeschool Convention Family Pass!!

Now, there have been many entries and I have greatly enjoyed reading comments and seeing the response from this giveaway! Over 300 entries I had! But only one family can take this wonderful prize “home” today. I have been praying that the right family would be blessed by this giveaway and I feel sure that is what happened! So please help my in congratulating our winner…


HEAV Certificate_thumb[2]



Congratulations! I hope that this giveaway will be a blessing to you, and even more so this upcoming convention will be an extraordinary blessing to you and your family. May it be filled not only with encouragement for your homeschooling journey, but I pray it lifts you up spiritually and rejuvenates your passion for home education and your little ones. It is the most important work you will ever do.

God Bless you! And enjoy the 2015 HEAV Homeschool Convention!

I want to thank you all for entering this giveaway! It is wonderful to see so many people get excited about home education. I hope to see you all in June! Look for me. 🙂


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