Get Excited about 2015 HEAV Convention! Ken Ham

If you love science, you need to follow Ken Ham.


Ken Ham is set to be the key note speaker at this year’s HEAV Homeschool Convention. My family has been reading his books, watching his videos, and dreaming of going to the Creation Museum for, well, a long time. We look forward to listening to him speak in person this June! Ken Ham is one of the biggest names in Creation science today and has written countless books to help people understand more clearly the wonderful truth of God’s creation that is written out in Genesis. He is the founder and president of the Answers In Genesis ministry.


Fun tid-bit: His hallmark saying, “billions of dead things, buried in rock layer, laid down by water all over the earth” is one of our family’s favorite tongue twisters!  Try saying THAT five times fast!



While we are gearing up for this June, I wanted to share with you some resources that my family has enjoyed over the years! Think of this as whetting your appetite for what’s to come!


The Lie: Evolution

Genesis and the Decay of Nations

If you want to view the entire store and browse it all, just go here, and have fun!
All of these are books we have had on our shelves for a long time. My parents often tell me of how Ken Ham’s ministry has richly blessed them, and I look forward to learning and reading even more from him as we get excited about June!
One last thing! If have never heard Ken Ham speak and want to get a feel for what’s to come, watch this video series called, “Answers with Ken Ham” and get ready to be blessed and to learn!
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What are some of your favorite Ken Ham/AiG resources? Please share with us in the comments and help us get even more excited for June!
Don’t forget about my giveaway this week!!! One family will be blessed with a full family pass to this year’s HEAV Homeschool convention in Richmond, VA! Enter now for your chance to win! I will announce the winner Monday morning.

One thought on “Get Excited about 2015 HEAV Convention! Ken Ham

  1. Ken Ham was at the very first convention we attended (2010). We had just “heard” about homeschooling – and were seriously considering it. There was a really long line at the Answers in Genesis booth and my husband and I wondered what was going on! I really like the Answers in Genesis website. I took geology in college, and was taught evolution as a fact not a theory. His website has lots of great articles to refute the assumptions from both scientific and Biblical perspectives.

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