Lollypop Flower Tutorial

About a year ago I posted a DIY craft for a lollypop flower pot tutorial (that you can ready here) and since then I have done something different that I think makes it look SO much better! I use this for my piano students during the spring and summer because it is just so perfect for my piano because I absolutely love flowers, so what better way to display my candy than with a flower pot?? This is also really perfect for me because I make myself only buy lollypops and NOT chocolate because if I had chocolate my students wouldn’t get any…. it’s a weakness of mine. Haha! However, lollypops don’t tempt me, so I’m safe with those!


This is really simple and quick and the end result is adorable! I used:

-Terracotta flower pot

-Large foam ball

-lollypops – I suggest using DumDums because they are small and can be squished together to cover the whole ball




The ball will fit snugly right on top of the flower pot and should stay there the whole time you have it displayed. After that just push in the lollypop stick into the ball. I started from the bottom near the lip of the pot and just stacked them each time around…


At the end I wanted a little extra touch, and since I have a lot of ribbon on hand I took some yellow ribbon and tied it around the side of the flower pot to add a little extra springtime pop!


It is so super easy and so super cute – you almost don’t even need a tutorial! Heehee! I hope you can make it and enjoy looking at it all season long!


2 thoughts on “Lollypop Flower Tutorial

  1. Maiya, this is so cute! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to make a small version of this for our AHG leaders, the piano teacher, and let’s see…who else? 🙂

  2. So cute! This would be a great idea for a gift bag, or baby shower, or just to snack on! ha-ha! it doesn’t look like it costs too much also! Thanks! – Abi

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