Keeping Your “To-Do” List {HEAV link up}



Being a stickler about getting my own agenda for the day accomplished has gotten me in trouble before. A constant reminder I try to keep in mind is that goals are excellent, but we must hold the openly in our palms so that God may adjust those desires of ours to fit His plans. Yes, even in the small, day-to-day to-do list.

In my latest blog post for HEAV I mentioned,

“Daily responsibilities often pile up faster than I can remember them, so I like to write myself a list of things to do. I am definitely a list person, and always have been. However, along with daily responsibilities come daily disturbances—things that get in our way. I have a nasty habit of getting annoyed…angry, even. I just know that getting my writing done or finishing an organizing project is so important and it is so unfair when I have to make last-minute adjustments like a trip to the grocery store or taking care of a sibling during a busy time.”

Head over to HEAV’s blog to read the rest of my latest blog post, Keeping Your “To-Do” List. I hope you enjoy it!





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