100 Ways I am Blessed {days 92-98}

Our LAST full week! I can’t believe we are also done!!

Here’s my week, also check out Caroline’s post….

92. Today’s creation: pumpkin dump cake with cinnamon icing drizzle. Let the never-ending autumn baking commence! #100waysiamblessed #only23daysuntilfirstofficialdayofautumn



93. This is how we feel after running in 93* weather. #gettingfit #100waysiamblessed



94. My beautiful sister and I. I love her so much!  #100waysiamblessed



95. My dad passing on some in-the-kitchen wisdom to my brother for dinner tonight. He’s quite the chef.  #100waysiamblessed



96. I got flowers delivered to me at the office this morning as an early birthday gift! I really do have the best daddy in the world!  #100waysiamblessed



97. Me, my mother, my grandmother, and a picture of my great-grandmother. I actually never met her, she passed away right before I was born. But she knew of me. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life. #100waysiamblessed



98. Cutest wrapping job ever. #100waysiamblessed



2 thoughts on “100 Ways I am Blessed {days 92-98}

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