100 Ways I am Blessed {days 85-91}

I apologize for not getting this up last Saturday. After I got so far into this past week without being able to take care of last Saturday’s post I decided to just wait until today. Anyways, here’s LAST week’s photos (this week’s photos will be up later)… Be sure to also check Caroline’s blog!

85. Today has been absolutely picturesque. #100waysiamblessed ☀️



86. The morning has been completely beautiful so I had to spend time outside at the park with the little ones. #HomeschoolFieldTrip #100waysiamblessed



87. Cooking is great therapy. I was glad to make dinner tonight. Yes, I take pictures of my food. It’s art. Tasty art. #100waysiamblessed



88. I am officially ready for football season! #WhoDat #DrewBrees #100waysiamblessed



89. Noah and I just had to make something sweet tonight! Yay for simple and bad for you treats!  #100waysiamblessed



90. Can’t get over how pretty my friend’s garden is. These flowers are absolutely beautiful. #100waysiamblessed



91. Took my sisters senior photos today! It was so much fun! #classof2015 #littlesister #100waysiamblessed



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