100 Ways I am Blessed {days 78-84}

Week 12 in over and Caroline and I are getting ever closer to the end of our summer-long challenge.

Here’s a recap of my week, also make sure to head over the Caroline’s blog to see her photos.


78. Ending the day with #CookOut! #100waysiamblessed



79. Went shopping this morning with my mom and sister and got a great discount on this necklace that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Score! #100waysiamblessed



80. My view during my run earlier. God’s creation is breathtaking. #100waysiamblessed



81. Way back when we both were still young tomboys. Haha! What an incredible blessing this gal has been in my life. Happy Birthday, dear @ebbyfaith44! Just a few more weeks ’til I catch up with you in age. #100waysiamblessed



82. Bind my wandering heart to Thee. #100waysiamblessed



83. #Autumn is making it’s way into our lives! Yay for fall colored #MandM’s! #100waysiamblessed



84. Fantasy football draft with the family. #footballseason #letsgo #100waysiamblessed



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