We all desire joy. We crave a joy-filled life.

Such a small word, with such an enormous purpose.

To have joy means to be thankful and content in its entirety with what God has given. To have joy means to leave no room for hate, discontentment, or doubt. To live a joy-filled life means to see day-by-day life as an opportunity to praise our heavenly Maker for each and every gift He gives, every prayer He answers, and every moment He allows us to live.

That is joy.

Being filled with the light and love of God is joy.

How, then, do we grasp this thing called “joy”? I believe it starts with another simple yet meaningful word: thankfulness.

Being thankful for that basket of laundry to fold. Being thankful for that sink-full of dirty dishes. Being thankful for the glorious sunrise that smiles on us each morning. Being thankful for the birds singing to greet us, “good morning“.

When we are thankful for what we have because of the grace of God, we will truly experience a joy-filled life. No, it is not something that is instant. It is a moment-by-moment choice to keep our eyes on God and His will for us. If I want to truly live joyfully, I must recognize and be thankful for the small, every day blessings that God has so graciously given me. It is work. I’m not going to lie. Because to be joy-filled means to keep our eyes on God and thank Him and praise Him even when everything around us is crashing down, blowing up, and we feel burnt out. To not become satisfied with self-pity and give in to the ever present desire to put me first takes a strength not found in a mere human heart. It takes a power and certain strength not in this world, but above it. It takes an All-Powerful God.

But through prayer and focus on His righteousness, we can come to experience this thing called “joy” only found in His arms.
We can truly live a joy-filled life.


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