100 Ways I am Blessed {days 64-70}

Week ten is over! It’s hard to believe Caroline and I only have THIRTY days left in this challenge! And what fun it has been! Alright, so here’s this week’s photos:


64. Rehearsal for special music this morning in church! So exciting to sing this song! If you haven’t heard this song, I highly recommend listening to it! Beautiful! #Alive! #NatalieGrant #100waysiamblessed



65. Thank you, Pinterest, for toddler activity ideas! #100waysiamblessed #bigsister



66. Playing “coo” (cars) with Sammy. #vroom #100waysiamblessed



67. Brother and sister relationship. I love these two with all of my heart. #MyLoves #100waysiamblessed



68. Brushing up on my fort building skills with my brothers. #100waysiamblessed



69. Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast! So yummy! Good morning to me. #100waysiamblessed



70. Beautiful baby brother. #100waysiamblessed





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