Homemade Lip Balm


So this past weekend my sister and I tried our hand at homemade lip balm. And it turned out fabulous! We ended up giving some to friends as gifts and our mom “stole” some too! So I had to share this wonderful find with all of you…

Homemade Lip Balm –

8 TBS coconut oil

3 TBS beeswax

1 1/2 TBS raw honey

30 drops Young Living’s Citrus Blend Essential Oil



*Now, usually I use solely organic coconut oil. But unfortunately I ran out that very same morning. And, of course, the store was all out. So the Lou Ana brand you see here is what I was able to use.

My mom actually purchases organic beeswax from the online Bulk Herb Store, and we order no heat raw honey from Quail Cove Farms which I highly recommend to any whole wheat and organically-minded folks out there.

And I cannot talk about all of the ingredients except for the essential oil. I cannot recommend them enough! We chose to use the Citrus Blend because we thought it would be very appropriate for summertime. My mom sells essential oils from Young Living, and you can visit her website here.


Alright, so back to the lip balm…

If you don’t happen to own a double boiler, like me, you can use a bowl atop a pan of water on the stove. You need to combine the coconut oil, beeswax, and honey together on the stove and heat until everything in melted.


Take off of the heat and add in essential oils after it has cooled a touch (you don’t want to add the oils in while the mixture it too hot or it will kill off benefits from them). I found that the beeswax took a bit of time to combine. But once it is cool go ahead and start putting the mixture into your containers. I was a little surprise at how fast everything started to solidify. So just a little warning: once it starts, it goes fast! But never fear, I found enough time to fill my containers before all was lost!

I actually had a friend who was willing to sell me some containers for this project, but told me that you can find lip balm containers for about 10 cents (small round ones) and 15 cents (tall chap stick) each on Amazon. I personally liked the small round ones best, plus they were SO much easier to fill than the tall tubes.



Well, there you have it! I have to say, I was giddy with joy at how wonderful this stuff is and can’t wait to make more! My mom, sister, and I have even come up with different essential oils we want to use for the different seasons of the year (Citrus Blend for summer, Thieves for fall, Peppermint for winter, and I honestly can’t remember what we decided on for spring.)


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