100 Ways I am Blessed {days 43-49}

Here is a look at week seven on my blog. Don’t forget to checkout Caroline’s blog, too!!


43. #friends. True, dear, caring friends. They make life brighter. They are a blessing; an encouragement; an inspiration; an essential part of a happy life. #100waysiamblessed



44. Monday mornings in God’s Word. The most important way to start off any day. #100waysiamblessed



45. All five of my brothers. Really, they should count as five individual blessings. However, I liked the collage idea. #100waysiamblessed



46. Work out time! Struttin’ them sneakers. Time to get sore! Keeping our bodies healthy is a blessing as well as a responsibility.  #100waysiamblessed



47. Where my morning was spent. The #beach at 7am is absolutely breathtaking. #100waysiamblessed



48. #FlashbackFriday! Gone shooting – Exercising my Second Amendment right. #100waysiamblessed



49. “Sailing, I am sailing Home again, ‘cross the sea I am sailing stormy waters To be near you, to be free” Beautiful morning running on the #water and watching the sail boats. #100waysiamblessed






2 thoughts on “100 Ways I am Blessed {days 43-49}

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