When You Can’t Afford the Ice Cream Truck!

As a child, one of the most thrilling parts of summer is playing in your front yard with your siblings picking flowers or playing in the dirt and then, all of the sudden in the distance hearing the unmistakable sound of music slowly growing louder. You drop everything and race to the porch to scream inside to your mama that, “THE ICE CREAM TRUCK IS COMING!!!” Mama says alright and to wait by the sidewalk while she grabs her jar of coins to buy her eager children ice cream. You jump up and down trying to wave down the ice cream man so he doesn’t *heaven forbid* pass you.

untitled (13)

Gone are the days where mama’s jar of coins will get you an ice cream. More like daddy’s paycheck.

But that excitement is still there when you hear the ice cream truck rolling through the neighborhood. So what on earth do you do?!

Last year my family and I started a system to get ice cream when the ice cream truck rings that merry tune through the street… but without the expensive cost. What we do is buy a big, value sized box of ice cream cones and popsicles and in the afternoon or evening time when someone hears the ice cream truck everyone can who wants an ice cream puts their coins in a jar and goes out to our “big freezer” and picks out the ice cream they want.

For the older kids (12+) it is 50 cents. For the younger kids (11 and under) it is 25 cents.

After all the ice cream in the freezer is all gone we take the money in the jar and go out and buy some more!

Pretty simple… pretty fun… MUCH cheaper. We love it and it has worked beautifully for our family. So there is still the excitement of the ice cream truck, but with our own (much cheaper) ice cream.


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