Things to Consider as a Future Mother and Homemaker {link up}

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Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of writing over at A Mama’s Story on things young unmarried ladies can do now in preparation for their future roles as mother and homemaker.

“One thing I enjoy doing is reading about motherhood/homemaking, and listening to mothers discuss different ways of doing things in their home, especially parenting. I pray that one day God blesses me and my future husband with children, so I have been learning about different things and forming my opinions about how I will do things both as a mother and homemaker. I know that there will be numerous things I will have to learn as I go, but I think it is important for young ladies to do their research and have some kind of an idea of where they stand on important decisions. Our culture is so focused on all kinds of education, and so NOT focused on important preparation for marriage and motherhood, which a large majority of women will enter into. But I encourage you, young ladies, to start learning and preparing now for these future responsibilities God may give to you.”

Visit A Mama’s Story blog to read the rest of Things To Consider As A Future Mother and Homemaker







3 thoughts on “Things to Consider as a Future Mother and Homemaker {link up}

  1. Hi Maiya! You may not remember me, because I was about six when your family had to move from western Washington. I got your blog address from my mom who got it from your mom (whom I assume probably got it from you… :P) Anyways, long story short, I have been enjoying reading your posts and look forward to more! 🙂

    • Hi, Rebekah! Of course I remember you! There are many people I don’t remember very well from WA because I was pretty young when we moved, but you I remember. However, there are a few of your siblings I don’t remember very well or that I’ve never met. 😉
      I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog! That is such an encouragement to me!


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