Handling Graduation Stress: HEAV Link Up

I have had the incredible privilege to be asked to blog over at HEAV’s (Home Educators Association of Virginia) blog! Today was the day my first blog post for them was published. I am talking, and hopefully giving a bit of encouragement, to high-school students on their road to graduation. Please, join me!


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Handling Graduation Stress






3 thoughts on “Handling Graduation Stress: HEAV Link Up

    • Thank you for your comment, Heather! I take it by your question that your daughter does not feel led to college..? My first answer really would have to be prayer – that she would be able to get past the negative comments, and also to handle the negativity with grace and love. I knew some people would disagree with my decision off the bat so my mom told me, when I graduated and was handling all of the “what are you doing now?” questions from them, to answer politely with few words (because they really don’t need all the details. For me I would say that I was going to volunteer and teach piano). And then maybe try to change the subject.

      I hope she doesn’t have to deal with *too* much negativity with her choice. I just have to keep telling myself that God’s approval and following HIS path for my life is far more important than man’s approval.
      Give her my congratulations on her upcoming graduation! Such an exciting time in life!


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