Freezer Breakfasts

I enjoy trying my hand at making healthy, whole-grain foods, especially for breakfast. But usually for breakfast my family tries to move along quickly so we can clean up and get the kids’ school books on the table to start the day. That never leaves enough time for me to prepare and serve things like pancakes and muffins each morning (unless I got up earlier than I already do) for breakfast. So, a few months ago I started making whole-grain breakfast foods ahead of time, packaging them up in individual serving-sized bags, and freezing them. This has worked out wonderfully!

I whip up a (BIG) batch of either pancake (or muffin) batter…

Be creative with it! I have a basic buttermilk whole-wheat pancake recipe, and then I add it different ingredients. I’ve done banana and pecan, chocolate chip, pumpkin, and apple cinnamon before. I also do the same for muffins, too. If you like doing waffles, or scones that would probably work just as well!

And package them up…

2 per sandwich-sized bags

Freezer Breakfasts.Blog Post2

And freeze them (we have a drawer in the bottom of one of our freezers for my breakfast foods)…

Make sure when you’re packaging them up that they are completely cooled. Otherwise, the pancakes will be a terror to try to separate from each other after frozen.

Freezer Breakfasts.Blog Post

All we have to do in the morning is grab a bag, warm it up, and eat it! Yummy!

I started doing this to try to get whole-grains into our day, and so far it has worked pretty well. Not everyone eats the pancakes/muffins/etc every day, because we also have a couple other breakfast options. But for the most part, I have been happy with how it is working!

Have you ever done anything like this before for your family? How did it work and what did you make?


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