The Blessing of Your Single Years



Most people view singleness as a curse, but God did not intend for it to be looked on like that. He doesn’t want us to dread these years and wish them away. Singleness is a blessing. It is a special, unique gift God has given us as a time of learning, serving, and growing. It is a time for us to solely focus on Him, His love, His Word, and His work.

Most people might be thinking, “Are you mad? Being single? A gift?”  But I’m quite serious. If you can’t be happy and content being single now, you won’t stay happy and content very long being married later on, either. In this day and age people have been programmed to think that you always need to have “someone” and therefore can’t possibly be happy alone. But truthfully, even when single, God is always there; and I believe He wants us to recognize the fact that before he brings His intended spouse for us, HE is our “Someone”.

The more I grow, the more I realize just how wonderful this gift truly is. Of course I am excited for the day God brings my future husband into my life, and as I grow older there are times when I have to go to Him and ask for peace and contentment. But I can honestly say that I am happy and growing so much through this period in my life. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure with an incredible family, a love for learning (which keeps me busy), and His own magnificent faithfulness. I know there is a reason I am where I am. And there is no other place I would rather be than in the center of God’s will for my life. So this singleness, this season of waiting, I know is a precious gift that I need to be thankful for. When God gives us a gift, it is our responsibility to take care of it and use it to our full potential. That is what singleness is. If you are single right now, God has given you that gift, what are you doing with it?

Next week: Earlier I mentioned that this season is a time of learning, serving, and growing. In my next post I want to talk about ways to do those things through what I personally have learned. So stay tuned!


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